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                      What does the Dobbs Ferry PTSA do?


Faced with shrinking budgets and growing class sizes, not to mention high standards for teacher and student performance—schools today need the support of families and the community. Here are some of the exciting things that the PTSA currently by school:

Springhurst Elementary School:

- Pumpkin Fair

- Used Book Fair

- School Supplies - Orders & Delivery

- Kindergarten Orientation

- New Families Breakfast and Adult Social

- Math Night

- Building Bridges

- Soup Day & Salad Day

- Enrichment Programs

- Compost Kids

- Assemblies, Author Visits, Field Trips


Dobbs Ferry Middle School:

- School Supplies - Orders & Delivery

- Medieval Times field trip

- Colonial Days assembly

- Poetry Slam performance

- Holocaust Guest Speaker

- Museum admission fees for DC trip

- Knighthorse Theatre

- Red Hawk assembly

- Community Service awards


Dobbs Ferry High School:

Six Flags – Physics class visit

SAT and ACT Bootcamps

Senior Prom enhancements

Graduation enhancements

Community Service awards

Citizenship awards


District wide:


Participated in five multi-community Rivertown Parents seminars

Hosted Welcome Breakfast for new families to district

Organized Photo Days for all schools

Funded Teacher Appreciation Day luncheon

Published PTSA Calendar

Launched Special Ed and Learning Differences Group




Purchased Sensory Path at Springhurst

Alternative Recess funds for Springhurst

Math Games for K-2

Springhurst Fish Tank maintenance

Document Cameras – 3rd Grade

Author Visit by Sheetai Sheth – 1st Grade

Rainforest Butterflies enrichment – 3rd Grade

Walkabout Clearwater Chorus visit – K-3

Books for Afghanistan unit – 5th Grade

Language & Literature books – 6th Grade

Writing for the Real World program – 7th/8th Grades